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The UpStage server application

The UpStage server application is free to download and we encourage you to use it for creative, educational and social purposes.

Please note that you do NOT need to install UpStage to participate as chatter (audience) or player. You only need to install UpStage if you have your own web server and want to create your own customised UpStage.

Creative Commons LicenseIt is open source and licenced under a dual-license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License and GNU General Public Licence (GPL).

Technical Details

UpStage uses Twisted and Python on the server side, and swf/Flash for the client. The client and server communicate over plain TCP sockets. There is a mailing list for developers and those installing UpStage on their own server; to subscribe, go to

Twisted and Python
Twisted is a framework suited to creating event driven network applications such as UpStage. It is written in Python, a language which encourages you to do things quickly and well.

The server will also make use of:

Flash is a ubiquitous browser plugin for displaying files in the swf format. It offers sophisticated graphics and interaction but demands remarkably little bandwidth or fuss.

There are also other swf players out there, eg:

but their full functioning on UpStage is not yet ensured.